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-Wanted- Old Beat-Up Darne


Heirs of the highest gunsmith's tradition, we perpetuate, with the contribution of new technologies, the continuation of Darne's name; founded in 1881 by Regis Darne. The "Darne" is a high class shotgun, appreciated by the most demanding hunters, convinced by its legendary line, equilibrium, lightness and efficiency. We work in the purest tradition of craftsmanship, using our experience and our know how, acquired principally on Darne's workbench, for your utmost satisfaction. Our unique guns are entirely made according to your personal requirements. Our name is now associated with Darne hallmark, both mentioned on barrels and breech-block. Each gun gets a personalized finishing following the desire of the buyer, who chooses forms and wood of stock and engravings. All these give birth to a truly unique piece.


Model R and Model V are available in white.

Contact Geoffroy Gournet at 610-559-0710 or email darneUSA@yahoo.com for more information.