Model V

Since their creation, Darne gun's are one of the most famous names of arm's manufacturer in Saint-Etienne FRANCE. Thanks to its simplicity, elegance and resistance, the model V established the principle and the notoriety of fixed barrel guns.
It's main characteristic is a sliding-breech activated by a key-lever, easily open with two fingers to load it. A simple forward motion with the palm of hand, lock the mechanism smoothly. The sliding-breech is held aligned to the barrels by compression. Heaspaces are extremely tight for a better range and the lowest recoil, due to convergent obturator disks {Darne Patent).
Percussion is ensured by two arming nuts acting on sears top. The security of this mechanism is reinforced by a double safety triggers preventing accidental firing caused by a shock. Fine adjustment of the firing pins allow smoother firing. The safety, activated by a button on side of breech, command sears in cocking position, is safer that usual safety triggers.
The impossibility to keep fingers on triggers during loading action is definitively safer. As a matter of fact the only way to load a Darne Model V is to lock the breechblock by pushing the key lever, with a natural motion of the hand.
All Darne guns come with an automatic and selector ejectors. They are composed by two classic extractors and by two hooks pulling out fired shells, at the end of breech-block course.
Darne barrels are bored in special steel tubes, polished in length, soft soldered at low temperature to preserve steel structure and covered with several bronze coatings. So, these barrels have a high ballistic efficiency. Three types of ribs can be proposed; decreasing rib also called "plume" rib, straight rib or inversed tiles rib.
Stock and fore-end are selected walnut, dried in ours workshops, are made by hand, with half-pistol or english straight-grip with checkering pattern. Instead of standard fore-end, a beavertail type is available.
Darne Model V is an outstanding class gun, combining efficiency with safety.

Sample Models:

Model Hors Serie - 28 Gauge, Gournet Engraved - Snake Pattern

Model V - 410 Gauge, Gournet Engraved - Floral Pattern

Model V Hors Serie - 12 16 20 gauge and 410 magnum, "Gravure fond creux"

Model V Hors Serie -  12 16 20 gauge and 410 magnum

Model V21

Model V19

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