Model R

The Model R is the first model manufactured by Darne, with all traditional characteristics of Darnes; robust locking system, slim line, reliability, ballistic efficiency and refined finishing. Conception of fixed barrel gun includes a breech-block sliding on a high resistance armature-table, solid with barrels and hand-rest
Manually dismounted, this breech-block is operated by a lever with "ears", enabling the cocking and locking of the gun, assured by two more locks. The longer one works with compression in the same way of gas pressure, having a force multiplied by seven upon the key-lever. The little one is an extension between barrels. Obturator-disks keep the shells perfectly tight, and limited by the fact recoil energy (Darne Patent). All Darne guns come with automatic and selective ejectors, just ejecting fired shell. Percussion acts through two firing pins mounted on helicoidal springs. Darne barrels are bored in special steel tubes, polished in length, soft soldered at low temperature (no deterioration of steel structure) and assembled in a collar.
Exterior of barrels are bronze coated and fixed to armature table by an adjusting hook cut into its collar. Length of barrels are executed according to the type of hunting. This length varies from 60 to 75 centimeters. For 12 gauge the bore is 18,4 mm + or - l/10th and done, as chokes, to the buyer's desire.
All our barrels are proved by the official testing bench of Saint-Etienne, above 1370 bars, certified by one hall-mark. Stocks are executed by hand in walnut, with half-pistol or English straight grip. The hand rest can be a light wood or ebony, from Model R 15 and up. Darne Model R with little key-lever has the best mechanic power for incalculable hunting parties with the best pleasure you can wish.

Sample Models:

Model R 17 - 20 Gauge with Straight ribe

Model R 14 - Selug Barrels 60 cm

Model R 11 -  12 and 16 Gauge

Model R Hors Serie For Woodcoke Caliber 12

Carabine Express caliber 8.57 JRS and 9.74 Model R

Model R 13 - 12/16/20/24/28 Gauge

Model R 15 - 12/16/20/24/28 Gauge and Magnum


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